Visiting Instructors

I had an idea to expand the curriculum by offering guest positions for instructors of every possible educational realm. When I hear of someone who is an artist who is talented, especially if they have an unusual style or genre.

The idea is to expose the students to as many potential art forms and practical skills as possible.

I will have specialists who are auto mechanics and hopefully each one of the students will be able to rebuild an engine; the body shop will ensure they know how to sand, repair and paint a car.

There will be music instructors, fine artists of every type, herbalists, seamstresses, dance instructors, chefs, financial planners, carpenters, lapidary artists and so on.

These students will be exposed to every possible educational opportunity there is available. They will have a better understanding of the world they live in and the world they will soon become a viable part of.

The education will be the most well-rounded of any school. The results in this type of education will generate the most prepared students anyone has every witnessed.

I am anxious to follow these students to find out where the students end up. Will they become actors, professional sports players, leaders or influencers in their community?

It will be amazing to witness their journeys!