Alternative Education

One of the considerations of having a school for the kids at risk was to develop the curriculum that will ensure the boys will have the best possible well rounded education.

Most children who graduate high school in the United States have no idea of what they want to do when they leave high school. Most don’t don’t even know when they go on to college what they want to pursue for a career.

At UBU, the students will be exposed to all the potential alternative educational courses. There will be electrical engineering, agriculture, horticulture, horticulture, herbology, historical, culinary, sewing, performing arts including all musical education.

I always wished I had been exposed to a more well rounded education in high school. I wasn’t aware of so many areas of interest that were possible for me. It took me about twenty more years to discover I enjoyed painting and making jewelry.

It took me another ten years before I knew I enjoyed writing. I also discovered I would be passionate about speaking and inspiring others to live their lives on purpose.

I was fortunate to have the teachers I had in Mendocino. They were more inspiring than I could possibly hoped for. Not all students are as fortunate as I was. I want to make sure our boys are equally if not more fortunate.