Visiting Instructors

I decided it would be best to have the alternative education courses offered by visiting instructors. Can you imagine Jimmy Cliff coming to Belize to teach music?

How about having Wyland or Kinkaid as the guest art instructors or Lenny Schaeffer of The Chop Shop teaching the boys how to modify automobiles.

I look forward to having professional sports players holding camps to teach the boys football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, swimming and racquet ball.

Eventually we will have boys from all over the world and our Sundays will be dedicated to have the boys from each specific country host an International Day where they will prepare a day of events including preparing their country’s cuisine, art, dance and folk lore.

I have an idea to bring in the Iron Chef team, Paula Deen, or even the Barefoot Contessa on site to teach the boys how to create a meal worth framing but delicious enough to eat.

Each course will be recorded and be kept available for each of the students to review at their will. They will be able to repeat courses through their laptops to inspect the finer points of each of the courses.

The instructors will come from far and wide and will be housed in our complimentary bungalows as our school’s guests. Can you imagine how much more enriched their education will be with this level of education available to them.