I was introduced to the education funding available in the Philippnes by Ray Banzan, our UBU architect.

The connections are amazing. First off, my ex-husband, Fred has designed a portal to place educational programs online. The company I work with for outsourcing some of my Social Media work has moved to the Philippines with her husband to continue the set up process for their outsourcing company.

Manny Juarez, an attorney I’m working with is introducing me to a friend of his in Walnut Creek is grew up as a best friend for the Minister of education in the Philippines.

I met a chiropractor, Peter Marks who is moving to the Philippines in July and we have been talking about getting his book published before he moves. His wife has been offered a job in education for a very well connected education foundation.

Robin introduced me to Robert Butwin who is a very successful Multi Level Marketing expert and he has agreed to help me get the educators to the Philippines if we can get an introduction to the powers to be for the educational programs.

One of my other authors, Maria Sicalbo is also from the Philippines and she has been looking forward for having a UBU school there for the homeless children.

I know that every day, I am blessed with the number of people who show up in my life are showing up to help me make UBU come to life!