I went to the ACT church in Oakland yesterday after being invited by Comanche who I met in Oakland on Friday. She was very impressive! She was approaching women who were just walking by to give them free samples of Mary Kay. Now that’s a hard working woman!

I told her about the women’s groups she could go visit and promote her business. When I told her about one of my books that I’ve converted into a church program, she invited me to go to her church on Sunday.

It turned out it was the day they were presenting all the groups like visitation, youth, business and relationship groups. One of the organizers for the business group immediately introduced me to Patrick, as soon as she saw my business card. He has been trying to get involved in creating a youth program for kids at risk.

He told me I was an answer to his prayers. I think maybe, he’s an answer to my prayers.

We’re going to meet tomorrow to talk about how we might be able to work together. I am very excited!