Engaging Others

Helping Kids at Risk through the Ultimate Business University

I met with Patrick on Tuesday and marveled at his level of interest and the fact that he has experience in the juvenile system in San Mateo County.

He mentioned he had asked to be involved with kids at risk and have a school he could work with by September 2012, the same date UBU has been targeted to open.

We will obviously be getting together again next week to talk more about how he can become involved and how he can encourage others he knows become more involved.

Belize Property

This is one of the pictures I have of a potential school site. This is one of the properties I found in Belize. There is a river running the length of the property and would provide many great resources for the students.

Other than the obvious of fishing, they will also be able to use rowing as a sport, learn to water ski, develop water purification systems, learn about the natural water inhabitants and so on. And not least of all the benefits is learning to swim in a beautiful environment, not just a sterile swimming pool.