I headed to Los Angeles for the Braveheart Women’s Rise event. I met Charlie, Emme’s (the founder) husband through Patience Awazi (a client of mine). He told me about the event being the 4th year and how philanthropists would be at the event and how they would interview me about UBU.

Well, not all things are what they seem to be!

However, I had a blast! I met some of the most amazing women I’ve met in a very long time. And the stories are mind boggling.

The second person I talked with was from Uruguay and wants build a school like UBU there. She was telling me about how difficult it is for children to get proper education there.

One of my plans (about 10 years out) is to have schools all over the world as well as acquiring orphanages to house children under the age of 15. But I am totally open to having UBU anywhere without a limit to the time frame.

Because we have 15 million children not graduating in the United States alone, I can’t imagine what the number is world wide.

An educated society can solve the problems of the world, a non educated society only creates more problems.

We have to step up to the plate and create solutions. It is our social responsibility to take care of the children who have no one watching out for them.