Ruby and I headed out to New York to attend the NextGen conference and I have to admit, I just trusted Ruby in that we should be there. She has an uncanny instinct in finding information.

However, I was more than a bit disappointed about the information delivered, even though the speakers were very impressive in their accomplishments, I didn’t take away information about being a non profit that was helpful.

I enjoyed the stories of their successes, but I kept thinking “how can that help me?

Don’t get me wrong . . . I always find the take-away and this was no exception. I met amazing people who were also attending; was interviewed on Tony Martignetti’s radio program for non profits; connected with at least six non profits who are interested in ecosway to raise funds for their organizations and even met a new author who will also be working Ruby to create an event in New Jersey like our 1 Day MBA event coming up in January in the Bay Area.

But what amazed me was when I went to sit in on the Philanthropic roundtable (the only session that interested me) on Friday, I was asked by one of the founders, Ari Teman, to leave the group. Although disappointed, I turned around and joined a conversation with about five others who had been kicked out and we had a great conversation about Social Media and even health issues.

All in all, once a group has gathered, there is always great information to take away and amazing people to meet.