We were in Los Angeles at an event a couple of weeks ago when we met Tina and Michelle. They came by the booth the last of the five days we were there and we immediately struck up a conversation, especially since Tina said Michelle lives in Belize.

The Tina called this week and we had the most amazing hour-and-a-half conversation! I don’t believe I have covered as many topics in such a short period of time. It was wonderful!

By the end of the conversation Tina said she would like to help with the dive trips I have targeted to raise the funds for the school teacher’s salaries. Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world and is a favorite dive spot for those especially on North America.

Then I mentioned I want to do a music festival as well and it turns out Michelle’s son is a musician and is looking for ways to use his music talent. So, we’ll approach him to see if he and Michelle would like to start looking into it.

One of the things I know without a doubt about UBU . . . it has a force behind it that is greater than the sum. I have seen miracles occur already and the idea of gathering more miracles as the school opens is something I am truly looking forward to!