I decided to contact Cathy from San Francisco who had been introduced to me by Doug Hollie of Smart Students, a non profit organization based at Treasure Island. Doug has been helping kids for the past six years.

I hadn’t talked with Cathy for over a month and it was great to catch up. In fact, it seems time timing was perfect. She told me she had just come back from Boston and a marathon. She had just started thinking that she needed to find something else to do.

Go figure! Timing is everything and followup is extremely important. I told Cathy that I had been thinking of her for the past week and it was exactly the call she needed.

A lot of times when I work with people our relationship becomes more than just a working relationship. We develop a strong interest in what is going on in our lives.

So our next step is to establish a plan of action. We’re exploring the auctions at country clubs and speaking to service organizations. I’m looking forward to working with Cathy.