Helping Hands

I had a call from Tina who I had met in Los Angeles at the Braveheart Rise event in November. She had talked with her sister Cathy who lives in Florida and she is interested in organizing golf tournaments in her area for UBU.

So we got to talk this week and she is not only interested in the golf tournaments but she has even more contacts available in the corporate environment. Cathy had been working on a festival and had met quite a few contacts who are interested in the educational arena.

We had a great time talking about our common interests and will be working together on many of the fundraising projects for UBU.

But we’ll start with the golf tournaments and get at least one started so we can establish a presence in Florida.

I never know where these conversations will lead, but I am always grateful for the opportunity to connect with people who understand the importance of working with programs to help get our children off the streets.