Some might not term coincidences as miracles, but I believe I truly live in a world of miracles. For every introduction, every connection, every lead I receive I find an amazing resource. Sometimes it is simply a connection, sometimes it is a resource. But it always leads to something of value to the development of UBU.

While I was in Los Angeles in November I was told by one of the ladies attending the Braveheart event that she “had to introduce me to a contact from Belize.”

Normally people will tell me they “want to” or “will” introduce me to someone they know, so this stood out as being noteworthy.

I heard from Susan about two weeks later, she lives in Colorado and has a business in Belize. She was absolutely delightful to talk with and she has a keen interest in helping UBU. We don’t know yet where this connection might lead, but it is going to be a very interesting relationship.

She is a very accomplished business woman who has achieved what most men only dream about. She is someone I hope to cultivate a long term relationship with and get to know well in the coming year.