Last week my friend Ruby and I went to an event in San Jose for event planners. I had been the year before and to their monthly events several times since, so I had developed a comfort level with a lot of the members. Besides I always know it’s all about the people you meet along the way that make a difference.

The event was nearly over when a couple of women came over to the table and started talking about participating in the Susan B Kolman cancer walk. They are also looking at producing an event in San Jose for breast cancer survivors.

It is exactly the kind of event Ruby produces, but what was a nice twist is being able to talking with them about have the auction tied into an event which the Ultimate Business University would be the beneficiary.

It amazes me how easy it is to develop relationships with people when you’re open to finding out what they are interested in and how you might be able to work together towards a mutually beneficial results.

So I never know what to expect but it is always interesting to see what happens just because I stay open minded.

Life is an adventure and it’s how we approach the adventure that leads to the most interesting outcomes.