You know how sometimes things just fall into place? When I started concentrating on launching UBU, everything began to show up. I have been in awe of the process and the incredible events and people who have shown up who are willing to help launch UBU.

I have very eclectic interests and speaking to various audiences is one of my favorites. I have signed up for various bureaus, newsletters and have connected with many people who are also speakers.

This morning I got up at 6 am to do my normal routine, but what was not normal, was 6 am since I have a habit to stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. I look at my Facebook messages, then LinkedIn, then Google+ and then Klout. Next I check all three email folders since the majority of my email is forwarded to one of the three, and I average 500 emails a day.

So just as I was finishing the latter task I noticed an ezine from one of the bureaus with a call for speakers at TED in Montclair, right next door to where I live. Amazing!

So the last question is “Why is your project ready to start now?”

I have been developing the final concept for four years and now have various fund raising projects in place and have found the property in which to build the school for kids at risk.
Every year we have 15 million children in the US who do not graduate from high school and half of those will become homeless at some point in their lives. That is an increase of 20% in the last 10 years. The cycle needs to be broken.
The Ultimate Business University is the first step in raising awareness, creating an alternative to homeless youth and inspiring educational values that will change their lives.