I saw ICEF featured on a local news channel and was impressed with what they are doing, not only Internationally, but in the local schools here in the U.S.

I enjoy finding programs that focus on our youth and their education and look forward to follow ICEF’s progress.

This is one of their many programs:

iLEAD (i Learn Experience Accomplish and Dream) Program

To address the social problems American youth is facing today, ICEF created the iLEAD Program to promote a culture of peace through intercultural partnerships. This program gives young adults the opportunity to travel to other countries for two weeks to gain the skills and core values necessary to become a leader while developing their own character. They will be asked to participate in community services, in leadership training activities, and will be given a chance to experience the local culture and daily life by living among the local people. It will not only help them appreciate the diverse traditions and cultures that exist in the world but will help build brotherhood/sisterhood ties between these two nations. The program works to provide youth the knowledge, tools and support necessary to become peacemakers at home, in the communities and the world.


  • To build understanding and acceptance of cultural, ethnic, and racial differences among the youth. The U.S. students will spend two weeks in the foreign country with the students from the local community there, participating in outdoor activities, sports, and cultural sharing. The participants will also have a 3 day home stay opportunity, where they live with a foster family and follow their daily schedules.
  • To build brotherhood/sisterhood ties with youth from other nations. The students will form a bond with their newfound friends transcending cultural and ethnic walls, with a brotherhood/sisterhood ceremony, pledging to continue an ongoing dialogue and friendship of a lifetime.
  • To develop our participants’ sense of civic responsibility and appreciation of service. The students will participate in community service activities, giving scholarships to underprivileged children with what they have earned themselves, visiting schools in the area, and participating in sustainable service projects.
  • To instill character development. The students will attend Character Education and Leadership Training workshops and will have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the activities that will be conducted during their stay there.

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