The Force

I went to the Cloud force event yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the content of the events.

It was hosted by Marc Benioff, CEO of Mr. Benioff introduced several of the clients who have been using for many years with many applications.

I was specifically pleased to hear that non profits can use salesforce at no charge. The idea of being able to follow each fund raising project and every aspect of the progress of the school is amazing. I’m very excited about getting to learn the process and apply it to our various fund raising concepts.

The true beauty of is everyone who has been granted access to the files can update their activity and yet if anyone leaves the project the activity is still available to keep up to date and still not loose any momentum.

I met several contacts that will be a great addition to UBU and the advancement of the development of the curriculum, but none greater than Activision. I introduced myself to Robert Schmid who is the CIO at Activision.

I asked him if Activision would be interested in developing the curriculum for UBU. He said I could contact him, so I could talk to them about it.

So far, I left a message for him on LinkedIn and on Gougle+. So we’ll see what transpires!