Designing Your Masterpiece

I was so pleased to be included in the Designing Your Masterpiece

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event in Sacramento over the weekend. It was an amazing event with five other speakers who talked about the various methods they use to help their clients develop the skills to have the control over their lives they truly deserve.

It was the launch of my 10th book, Neuro-Emotional anti-Sabotage Technique (NESTing) and the first time I had presented this concept in a group format.

I have created the process over a 20 year period of working with hypnotherapists, Emotional Freedom Technique, NET chiropractic, EMDR and anything else I could find that might help me shed the years of negative exposures I had.

I met Anna who is a lovely, attractive 28 year old young woman at the event and she told me she couldn’t get up in front of a group and talk about herself personally. She told me her father had always given her a hard time about being clumsy when she was a child and I figured she was still holding on to how she felt when she was young.

We worked for about 15 minutes and when I muscle tested her, she seemed to be much stronger. When it was my turn to speak at the event I asked Anna to come up to the front of the room and share her experience about how she felt. She was able to stand in front of the group, talk about her experience and have no ill feelings about being nervous or self-conscious.

I called her today to see how she was doing and she told me she knew she was standing up more straight, hadn’t checked her make up every hour and had not bothered to look in the mirror once she left the house in the morning.

This is the type of work we will be doing with the children who have been exposed to so many emotional dysfunctions. It’s quick and it is a lasting effect.