More Friends

I am part of an amazing group on Facebook called the Village of Abundance (VoA). I had met Linda Forsythe on MySpace about 4 years ago through one of the radio interviews I had done for one of my books.

The same person who interviewed me asked me to join VoA. One of the other members, Dana asked to talk with me and of course I was pleased to find out what he is up to.

He’s working for the major of a small community of about 5,000 residence who have been going through multiple stages of business leaving their community.

I suggested a city wide education program based around Internet Marketing. He was thrilled with the idea.

That led us to the conversation about creating a fund raising event for UBU. He was so excited about working with the city to have them create an auction he decided to present it to the mayor straight away.

On a global basis, can you imagine the impact this program who have on communities who have been suffering with the job losses over the past three years. It could literally bail out these small rural communities.