Re Connecting

In the mid 90’s I had a client in San Francisco who was working for a television station. He lost his job and I talked him into going into corporate sponsorships. His first gig was with the Fog City Street Fair. It’s one of San Francisco’s biggest street fairs.

His wife inherited a business in New York and they moved back east. We kept in touch for quite awhile, but lost touch about five years ago after he told be about working with the Harlem Jazz Festival as the corporate sponsor recruiter.

Then Facebook changed the way to show groups, lists and Fan Pages and he just appeared on list one day.

I sent him a message and he answered the next day. He has made contacts in some of the major event facilities all over New York. We had a great time catching up and I had a chance to tell him about UBU and the idea of doing an event in New York.

He said he couldn’t fit it in, but he referred me to someone who is available and we had a chance to talk and plan some details for an event in the spring.