I was on Facebook on a group for authors who are looking for media exposure when I discovered Randy Kearse. He was selling drugs as a teenager when he got caught and spent several years in prison.

He spent his time rehabilitating and writing a book about his journey. It has become a number one best seller and his focus has been in helping youth.

Of course we started talking about UBU and what I am trying to do. I told him all about the school and he offered to help in any way he could.

I told him about conducting a fundraiser in New York and he was more than excited about being a part of it.

We talked about several types of events and even a couple of event planners we could work with.

So we’ll be working together in the near future as soon as I have an event scheduled.

I can’t wait to interview him on my radio program too! It will be great to discover what path he took to become a best selling author!