Reaching Out

One of the very first leads groups I was ever in back in 1991 I met Bob Weiss who owns CFOs To Go. I had become friends with Jody his wife and used to have lunch every once in awhile. She was a lot of fun to be around and was a great networker.

I called Jody yesterday to give her the heads up to start looking for a CFO for UBU who had experience in launching a school. Funny thing is she had just met with a CFO on Friday who has launched two schools. I also wanted to make sure he’s had fundraising experience and it just happens he does.

Then I asked if she would find out if he knew of a good CEO who had experience with schools. It turns out Jody had already had the conversation with him and he has a CEO he’s friends with they’ve worked together on one of the schools.

Is it coincidence or is it all a part of the plan being guided by the Universe making the school coming together.