I had a feeling I needed to reconnect with Bruce who I had been introduced to nearly two years ago. I tried the Skype address I had for him and that didn’t work. I called a phone number I had for him in Belize but it was answered by someone who didn’t know him. I called the person who introduced us but his number had been disconnected.

Finally, after digging through old papers and business cards I found the email address for him and decided to send him another email. I have sent him several emails over the past 20 months, but haven’t ever heard back from him.

Then all of a sudden I got a return email from him. He then re-connected with me on Skype. Turns out he’s in Las Vegas and is working on several projects to raise substantial funds for a couple of the projects he’s working on in Belize.

It was like not a day had passed. We had a great time catching up and exchanging stories about how things have been going.

Bruce even has offered for me to use his corporation in Belize to help speed up the process for getting the construction going.