There is a lot of unrest in Belize over the political and financial climate in Belize. There seems to be an upheaval there as much as there seems to be in almost every country.

There will always be challenges for every country and always those who are more than willing to point out the short comings of others. In the end, who knows who is right or what is best when there is never one simple answer.

Is there even a way to determine whether or not making a different decision would make be better than another? What happens when conflicting opinions come to a head? How can it be possible to know who could be right in situations where there isn’t an agreement of the proper direction of a country.

When does it become a pecking order and what is right for the country and the residents? It is a major challenge for most countries but when the country is as small as Belize, the impact can be much greater. What are the possibilities for the future well being financially speaking for Belize?

Time will only tell! But it will be interesting to watch. The sides have been established and the line drawn in the sand, so now it only a matter of time.