My new friend in Australia, Robert Anthony introduced me to Bob in Los Angeles. I know, it seems strange that someone in Australia would have to introduce me to someone only 450 miles away.

We had an amazing conversation. We talked for nearly two hours and covered a lot of territory. Bob has an organization called Unite Our Kids. He has fundraising activities all over the country to help organizations all over the country.

One of his programs is Kids Book Festivals. The events can be organized in any city and generate a city wide interest and awareness. It can become a family type festival.

There were so many areas Bob has offered to help with connecting Ultimate Business University to the groups and people he knows. Bob’s main organizations is Act One. He also works together with some of the well known athletes to produce larger events to raise funds for the organizations.

We’re going to start with one of the Kids Book Festivals in Sacramento where we have a contact who organizes large events. The goal will be to eventually have one each each major city to raise awareness of the kids at risk challenge.