Another Side of Las Vegas

I finally get to meet Kitty Hearst! She’s invited me to come and join her for her Christmas party in Las Vegas!

I am so excited! I love meeting people who are conscious, lived fun lives and haven’t curled in a corner somewhere!

I don’t know what to expect, but when we talked on the phone last week we talked for more than two hours. We had so much in common  and it felt like I had known her for years.

So, I’ll be heading out to Nevada to meet some of Kitty’s friends and get to know a friend of Melissa’s who has been interested in the school as well.

It’s funny it only takes one person to change someone’s life. I never know going in what to expect and I am always excited about getting to know new people.

Well, the flight is an early one and it leaves from San Francisco, so I guess I’d better finish packing and get a decent night’s sleep.

Tomorrow will be an adventure for sure!