Second Campus

We’ve been working on the plans for the construction of the campuses for both the boys and the girls in Belize. At the same time, we’ve been creating the plans to build the school in Bataan, Philippines.

Rey Banzon, Phil Delacruzm Ric Sitjar and I had a chance to meet at our office away from our offices, “Uncle Yu’s” in Lafayette where we met to sign our agreement as Board of Directors for our Ultimate Business University campus.

The campus will education 300 boys and girls for their high school years. The curriculum will be much the same as the curriculum of the Belize campuses and even share share of the same multi media classes.

The campus will include dormitories, the school, sports and recreation building, a church, police and fire departments as well as a medical facility.

The property in Bataan is nearly 70 hectors and will include private residence as well as a resort facility.