Our Group

This is the first time our consultant from New York, Julian Kaplan joined our group meeting in Lafayette at Rey (our architect) Banzon’s location (he’s been adding on to this house for 5 years). It’s truly a work of art.

We also had Judy Jurich join us for the first time. She’ll be our procurement officer. What a big job that will be!

Lino Alvarez, one of our two Project Manager’s, Ric Sitar, Structural Engineer, Florin Avilin our canning facility supervisor and Robin Ramsey our teacher and visiting instructors recruiter were all there for the meeting.

We went over the plans for the bungalows and the dormitories. They are now finalized in concepts so we can turn them over to the rest of the design team.

I am so fortunate to have the team of people involved. They are brilliant, caring and talented. Rey drew up the plans January 2010 and has been working with me ever since. The rest of the team has emerge since then and the construction team are all on board because of Rey.

It’s not all work when we get together however. We left the site and went to a location in Alamo we are considering for our International headquarters. It’s a monstrous five story home up in the hills overlooking the east hills. It’s a perfect location to house our several enterprises and will give us a safe haven when we need to return to the Bay Area.

Afterwards we all had dinner at an amazing Chinese restaurant that had the best hot and sour soup I have ever had!