chrismacklinI met Chris Maklin through Gwen Blake who is one of our Executive Liaisons and part of our First Responders Team.

Chris is from England and has been working as a spiritual healer since before he can remember. He told me he was about six when he first realized he had an unusual gift to determine what was wrong with people health wise.

Chris will be working with everyone at the Belize campus and will be able to do group healing sessions to make sure all our staff and students stay in a prime state of health.

He met is wife Ginelle, got married and moved to Branson, MO to establish his ministries where he works with people in person and on the phone.

My blood pressure had sky rocketed over the past year and within three weeks it had dropped down to nearly normal. You can imagine what a relief that has been.

20140209_101942-1Chris offered to bring me down to Los Angeles to the Life Conscious Expo in February and I was able to meet an amazing group of people while there.

The great part of going to the Expo was having the chance to spend the time with Chris and Ginelle. I’m sure they will be friends for life.