The powers to be have once again stepped in. I’m not sure what this delay is all about but I have to accept it is not meant to happen yet. There is something that needs to take place before the funding becomes available and we can move to Belize.

It is a challenge, yet I know there is definitely a reason behind this delay.

It has been great in that I have been able to fine tune the plans, go over the numbers and make more adjustments as well as fine tuning the team.

We’ve added Dori Decarlo from the New York area to manage our PR and head up our events promotions and Melanie Greenwood also from New York who will be setting up our HR department. Both she and Theda Muller in Malta have made the forms process so much easier than if I had to generate the forms on my own.

The campus has grown during the past month with even more details. It truly is looking like a city now. Heather and Chris Downs have been doing their homework. It will be amazing to have them on board for our herbology and farming departments.

We’ve also created the concept of tag teaming each department responsibility.

Mark Whitby and Ed Grant will be in charge of the technology. Between the two of them I think we’ll always be one step ahead of the curve.

Lino Alvarez and Dan DeNardo are now heading up the project and bring a unique combination of skills and talents to the project.

Robin Ramsey, Gwen Blake and Shirley Howard Johnson will be our Executive Liasons and will be able to coordinate our communications to the team and the rest of the world.

Doris Mangrum will spearhead the student recruitment and Melody Powers will be working with Doris to line up our first 1,000 students for August 2014.

So there has been quite a bit of progress and all we can do at this point is be more patient . . . not my most favorite thing to practice, but obviously it is in the cards!