Welcome Brads


I met Brads through Melida Thompson who is in New Jersey but was born and raised in Belize.

Brads has lived in Belize his whole life and has his own construction company.

From the first moment Brads & I began to talk about UBU he was 100% supportive. From our needing permits, work visas and all the other limitless details required to build UBU, Brad has made himself available and knows who we need to work with to save as much time as we can.

Over the past few months Brads and I have kept in touch through Social Media, emails and phone calls. Every time I come up with a challenge from the A & E team, Brads has a solution.

It is extremely refreshing to work with someone who is a “can do” person and his enthusiasm for UBU is delightful.

Brads and I chatted for about an hour yesterday and I decided to ask him to join our team full time once we’re in Belize.

I am pleased to welcome Brads to the UBU family as our Site Manager and liaison with the Belize officials.