Showing Up

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned while developing the concept of UBU has been to show up! There have been so many times when I have been invited to attend an event and I show up each and every time.

Someone on LinkedIn invited me to an event in Oakland that Mike Norris was hosting. I had no idea what to expect but that is how it usually works.

I was there less than five minutes when Mike introduced me to Vida Blue. The event was to promote their youth baseball camps.

Mike asked that we get together and talk about how we can work together to bring the camps to UBU. Imagine how amazing this will be for our students. We will have access to many sports personalities who will come to Belize and work with our students to coach them in baseball.

Who knows, possibly we find other sports professionals who will help us with our other programs.

Our students will have advantages they have not ever imagined being privileged to. They will have opportunities beyond their scope of experience in any other possible scenario.