Student Recruiter

I met Norma Ward at the event in Oakland Mike Ward and Vida Blue produced for youth sports.

We talked about 30 minutes at the event and I knew immediately she is a great fit for our Student recruitment program.

Norma has 18 years experience working with youth and young adult programs throughout the East Bay.

Her contacts alone will make the student recruitment much easier because she has already established a relationship with the specific contacts which will make our referral program integrate in the community.

Doug Hollie from Smart kids joined us since he also has some great contacts within the court systems and will be able to get our Student Recruitment program connected in all of the right places.

We have two student recruiters at this point but will roll out the program nationally within the next twelve months. I would like to see a recruiter in every state with multiples in the larger states.

What we are looking for are people who have an earnest caring for youth and connections within court systems and youth programs to make our referral programs seamless.