Making Connections

I met John Ivey at Mike Norris’ event in Oakland and he invited me to the Youth Service Providers program headed up by Tony Greer in Oakland on the first Monday’s of the month.

There must have been about 35 individual program directors, attorneys as well as city and country program officers.

I loved that everyone was able to introduce themselves so we could all get an idea of who was in the room. A couple of the programs included Civicorps Schools, Centerforce, County of Alameda Probation Department, Social Services Agency and several attorneys.

I was able to talk with several of the attendees who are interested in helping with the student recruitment for UBU. They have many other resources which will make it much easier to help screen the you.

We are looking for children who have no parents to help care for them. They will typically live on the streets and be 15 years old and are just prior to entering their sophomore year of high school.

We are looking for both boys and girls and will be developing a transition facility to care for the children prior to their being transported to Belize.

This event was a great resource and one that I’m sure will add additional resources for our programs.