I am so fortunate in the people I have met throughout the process of development UBU. Chris Maklin (10/4/2013 post) is no exception to this rule. He e invited me to join he and his wife Ginelle in Los Angeles for the Life Conscious Expo.

Esther Marc2While we were there Esther Marc stopped by to say hello to Chris and Ginelle. Esther had met them during a previous expo they had attended in Southern California. Esther is one of those people you would immediately feel comfortable with. She is very approachable and so much fun to talk with.

Her background includes working in both the telecom and satellite industries. However, her passion is learning more of natural healing processes.

Esther will be joining our First Responders Team, first in the capacity of technical liaison and then once the school is open she will shift to the wellness center. to practice the techniques of healing she has learned.