Play Time

One of the programs I am very excited about is our Youth Sports Camps. What we will be able to do is bring children from inner city communities to Belize for sports programs conducted by well known athletes in nearly every sport other than football. We have to be cautious because of the helmet injuries in youth football programs.

One method of attracting the students is to create a scholarship program introduced by Matt Shelton and Thomas Williams, both achieving notoriety in football. We will also work with Vida Blue famous for his years playing for the Oakland A’s.

The goal is to introduce the children, not only to well known sports personalities but to encourage them to use sports and education programs to change the dynamics of the possibilities in their lives.

Very often a well know sports personality had a rough start such as Vida Blue who grew up in the San Francisco projects. His memories include the struggles he faced growing up in the impoverished neighborhood including the diminished educational programs. He’ll readily admit his involvement in sports saved his life.

We will be looking for speakers and student recruiters throughout the U.S. and will be expanding our recruitment to include each country as we expand our campuses around the world.