Visiting Instructors Program

One of the unique ways of bring education to our students is to involve the talent of the experts. I’ve been looking for anyone who has perfected a skill, unique avocation or specific interest or hobby they can pass on to our students.

I have met amazing people over the years from my teaching entrepreneur skills, speaking and through social media. I began to ask those contacts if they would be interested in coming down to Belize to teach a couple of classes and spend a week with us on campus. They would be able to take advantage of San Pedro Island where about 13,000 live of which about 80% who are US ex-patriots; dive in the world’s second largest barrier reef or enjoy the Mayan ruins.

We want our kids to have the broadest exposure to the most advanced education available. When we offer our children art, dance, auto mechanics, performing arts, cooking, sewing, design, martial arts and every type of course we can include, these children will develop their innate skills and an understanding of their passions.

Our Visiting Instructors Program (VIPs) will bring a wide assortment of specialists who are willing to share their expertise and inspire our children.

What we need to do is put out a call to action. We need to gain as many VIP’s as possible to encourage these children to develop skills they never imagined they possess.

Please share with us anyone you know of who has a skill which you think will enhance our Visiting Instructor’s Program.