I mentioned Foster Gamble’s Thrive the Movie back in August because I was so impressed by the research he has done and his attention to Global challenges and solutions.

On Monday during my meditation the thought popped into my mind that I needed an introduction to the Gamble Family.

One of our team members, John Northrop called me earlier today and when I asked if his wife was planning to move to Belize he told me she has an antique dress making business and doesn’t want to leave her business.

He went on to tell me she used to work for Procter & Gamble and was one of their first employees who worked from home when they moved to California.

He then told me about a couple who had come into her store from their vacation home a few miles north. When they got to talking they asked her how she had ended up in California she told them she had been working at P&G.

To her surprise, it turned out the couple was the parents of Foster Gamble!

I often say I could stand on a street corner and within a few hours the exact person I need for the team would walk by and start talking with me to reveal they are looking for a position!

I have to acknowledge I am on the right path when events like this take place!