Read Between the Lines

Waiting for the funding for UBU to be released has been one of the most painful lessons I’ve ever had to experience! The third funder approved the project nearly two years ago. Then the Banking Information System (BIS) put a hold on the funds all around the world In March 2013.

We were told the funds would be available by June 2013 and then just about every two months on from that point on.

Last October (2013) I was told by a fourth funding source we would have at least $100 million to start UBU by the 8th of October! We had a bon Voyage party and I packed my bags . . . this source lead me on for more than six months telling me it would be in a week, 2 weeks, a month and so on.

Meanwhile the third funder would send out a message every few weeks to say “It will be by the 15th of next month!

Honestly, I feel as though I have been holding my breath for two years!

Now a fifth source surfaced from a good friend who has re-focused her interest to funding start-up businesses. She met a source who is connected with the Business Urban Construction Group out of China. It would be a shortcut to getting UBU started and get so many people moving forward with their lives.

I was assured I would be approved for the entire amount of construction and probably the additional operational costs until we became profitable. They ask for exclusive rights to provide anything and everything China produces and a 4-6% interest on the loan.

On the surface it sounds like a great deal until I started thinking of John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and realized it was not a deal I could ever ethically agree to. It would be Chinese architects, engineers, construction workers, fixtures, etc.

Part of the overall concept is to be able to support the country economically when we build a school there! I could never take that away from Belize or anywhere else we’ll be adding campuses!

So, in reading between the lines, I have to say “Thank you, but no thanks!”