No Salt

In 1972 a friend of my ex-husband was a part of the team that created the saline water purification systems for the US Navy. Even in 1980 when I heard them talking about it I was mystified as to why it wasn’t more publicly known.

When California experienced several droughts and no one suggested using the expansive Pacific Ocean to alleviate the drastic repercussions California experienced, again I was mystified.

About a year ago I met Ed Arber who is the Director of our Hemp Farming (we’ll be making our  own clothing, shoes, backpacks and any number of other products from our hemp crops) mentioned he knew of someone who had developed a two part PCV pipe system with a filter to change salt water into pure drinking water, I immediately decided we would add the process to our Feed the World Foundation (the first of the 15 planned through our world expansion programs).

Since then I have discovered there are literally hundreds of methods of eliminating the salt from water to make it drinkable. These are only a few of the examples.