Hemp Products

I never considered the benefits of raising hemp plants to be used as a product to create clothing, shoes, linen, hats, backpacks and any number of products we can use at UBU.

I was at an Easter party last year and met Ed Arber who is the President of the National Hemp Growers Association. He explained to me how hemp has been an under utilized product since World War II when our government actually allowed deferments to men who would grow hemp for our military to use.

Can you imagine the idea of our school being able to produce so many products for our consumption as well as using hemp to make products for income generation? It would not only save a small fortune in the cost of clothing, linens, paper and all types of various products for  6,000 students, but provide us with a major income stream from the sales of the products we manufacture.

This is a great historical documentary by Hugh Downs on the history of hemp.