One Thing Leads to Another

I had a chance to catch up with a speaking client from 2006 and she introduced me to her chiropractor Dr. Travis Martin. He’s from Michigan and after going to Palmer in Columbus, Ohio, he and his girlfriend (Dr. Amber Bollman, also a chiropractor) made it out to California. I guess the winters are more desirable here!

I was amazed at how quickly he was able to relieve the pain in my right hip and of course the conversation came around to what I do and why I was in Los Altos. So after giving him the condensed version of UBU and what we are going to do, I walked out of his office feeling much better than I had in weeks.

I returned two days later for more rejuvenating care and Dr. Travis told me he had looked at the UBU website and he and Dr. Amber very interested in visiting our campuses when they could get the time off to get to Belize.

He and Dr. Amber have gone on trips to South America just to do volunteer chiropractic work with people who might not otherwise ever experience the benefits.

I love it when one thing leads to another!