We are going to be manufacturing nearly everything we need to be operational from the very beginning of our construction process to the operations. We will be bringing in the construction equipment along with the steel fabrication equipment; moving the polystyrene plant from 40 miles away to our campus; clothing, shoes, backpacks, hats etc. will be designed and manufactured from our hemp crops; our coffee and honey will be processed on campus; we’ll manufacture our own furniture, vehicles and even boats.

It is our goal to be self-sustaining within the first three to five years. We want to make sure we are able to teach our youth trade skills so they will be able discover what they are passionate about and develop the ability to focus on what they are interested in rather than looking at a job as their income potential.

One of the ultimate goals for our students is to make sure they learn from the very beginning of residing at UBU, they need to pursue their passions, develop a business during the first month in residence and they can always change what they are doing as they discover what they truly enjoy doing.

Even our sports programs are designed to encourage our students to discover what they are passionate about. Many of the kids will have no idea whether they are good at a sport until they are at the campus.