Friends of Friends

I received an introduction to Kitty Hearst from Robert Anthony who lives in Australia who I met through Judith Gilchrist who I met while doing an interview in Canada!

I love how this all works!

Kitty and I got to talk for nearly two hours and found about ten things where we have shared the same experiences. Even though we grew up is such drastically different environments.

It proves to me even further how great the need is for our children who have no one to watch over them. Whereas, even though Kitty and I have grown up in an environment with parents and we managed to get through difficult times, the children who have no parent guidance whatsoever are left to their own devices and often don’t know how they are going to get through each day.

Kitty writes grants and is very successful at obtaining donors. She also writes business plans and is able to find funding for projects.

What a wonderful thoughtful friend Robert is! He’s made it possible for me to meet some amazing people and opened doors for me I would not have known where the doors were.

The morale of the story “keep an open mind and always follow through on every possible introduction.”

About Sharyn

As founder of UBU I found my inspiration from my brother Tony who was a foster child, then adopted by my parents when he was five. After listening to his stories about the treatment he received while in the homes I began to think of what it was like for him as well as the thousands of other kids. I decided to start the school after Tony passed on in 2008. It is my tribute to him and all that he did for me. Of all the things I've done in my life, this is the one thing that truly makes me feel like I'm finally on the right path.
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