Major Connections

You’ll know when you’re on the right track when the Universe cooperates with you at every turn.

I went to Dallas in December 2009 to attend a real estate event and while there I noticed the Dallas Chamber was having an event in the same hotel. I walked over to introduce myself and a couple standing next to me mentioned Belize. This was not a coincidence, but destiny in action.

I introduced myself and told them about the school I planned for Belize. They graciously gave me their business card and I filed it away with a few others I had already gathered that weekend.

The next Wednesday I received an email from the couple and it was signed, “The Honorable Tench” I Googled his name and found he is the Ambassador from Belize based in Dallas.

Can you imagine what forces have to line up to create that level of event?

He offered his contacts and help in paving the way for me to meet someone who could be of such great assistance.

In January Mr. Tench mentioned me in his communique to Belize and has consistently offered introductions periodically.

It is because of him I will be able to talk with the Minister of Education and present my concept of including the Belizian children, especially in the trade school portion of the education.

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