Asking for Help

I was at an event in San Diego and had a chance to get up on stage to ask for help for homeless children. One of the things I suggested was to have everyone bring their shampoos and soap samples from the hotel rooms to collect for the kids.

Within two days I had two bags full of those miniature bottles that are perfect for these kids who are living on the streets and don’t have a place to store personal belongings.

I imagine they wash up at gas stations and restaurants where they might go and sit for hours over a refill of coffee or ice tea. I have seen a couple of kids in office buildings and hotels when I’ve been in meetings. They come in during the day when it isn’t as busy so they won’t be as noticeable.

It is the simple things in life that make a difference, it is true. But how simple is it to think about how we can help out and make a difference for these kids who are on the streets and have no one to count on to help them through even the most simple of challenges they face.