I received a call from the broker who had the connection to the China funding source. The source requested a change in the spreadsheet I had submitted three weeks ago. It was a minor change in that they wanted the commission of the broker moved into the first month’s allocation rather than as a line item after the total.

It was very stressful since I’m in the Los Angeles area and all of a sudden, my laptop no longer had the Adobe product available. So I wasn’t able to convert the .pdf document he sent to an Excel spreadsheet so I could make the changes.

I went to Google and searched for an online resource that would do the conversion. The first one I tried was a gimmick meant just to capture my email address. The second one worked, but took more than an hour to get it back to my email.

I made the changes and sent it back to the broker around 1 a.m. But, I got it done and saved about two days in getting it back to the Chinese delegation. At this point, every day counts.

So keep your fingers crossed and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from the broker. We are still one of the two proposals which made it to the review board. So it is very promising.