I had met Greg through an event I was going to do in San Diego. He’s a serial entrepreneur and has an organization to help kids keep safe when they are online.

So it was a surprise when I was talking with a referral in Florida about UBU when she mentioned Greg and suggested I talk with him about his connections with venture capitalists and angel funding specialists.

Isn’t it amazing how the more people you talk with the smaller the world becomes? I had to talk with someone in Florida to find out what Greg’s full dynamics are all about. He does have connections all over the country who are well invested in entrepreneurial endeavors and they care about children and the programs that help children have a better existence.

It is fascinating how many people are aware of how children face difficulties they should never be exposed to. They consciously want to make a difference, but the more successful they are, the less time they might have to donate to help implement programs.

So connecting to these busy successful people is most important to involve them in programs for our children.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and what happens due to this new vantage point with Greg.