Children at Risk

Always observed in a young person whose life has been ruined by a wrong choice, a bad decision, or being born into unlucky situations and WONDERED, what if?

Too many young people are surrounded either by situation or a stupid decision of their own doing and are destined to pass these on to the next generation.  We want to break the cycle and offer hope, inspiration and a chance for young New Zealanders to do more with their life and pass these new skills, attitudes and promise on to their children.

Imagine if you will what would happen if we could ensure something small that would transform the life of a young New Zealander forever, and change their children’s lives as a direct significance.

Graffiti artist to Graphic Design

Imagine all graffiti wiped out because there was a passage for the energy, talent, and skill being placed into more productive ventures!

Criminal to Policeman
Imagine releasing the potential for a young person to do well in a community instead of falling victim to the life of crime!

Gang member to Sportsman
Imagine a world where we lived not in fear of the individual wearing a patch, but being honored that a young person gave that away to join in sporting movement!

Robber to Armed Services
Imagine a young person channeling their abilities into the armed services and on behalf of our country within the services where aggression is tempered with limitation!