CFO on Board

One of the most important roles within any organization is the CFO. The person who controls and guides the funding, spending and future stability of the organization can make or break their level of success.

I am very fortunate at nearly every turn, I am referred to amazing people and Jay is very exceptional. We had our second meeting today and have a more clear idea on how we might work together.

He might be on an interim basis since he’s working on his own project and as it progresses he’ll have to spend more time on his own dream start up.

In the meantime, he’ll be able to guide UBU around the confusing intricacies of the financial challenges of a non profit. He also has contacts with other CFO’s and possibly a CEO for the near future.

The waiting game is still on but every day we’re a little bit closer. We can only be patient and spend time working out the details of all of what needs to take place to make the development of the school run smoothly.

So, keep up with our progress and we’ll keep you up to date!