Int’l Children Art Festival

Every once in awhile I get to meet people who are working on a program which has a major impact on children and today was one of those times. I appreciate the effort and the results ICAF has been able to accomplish since 1997. What most people don’t realize is how much of an impact art has on generating creativity and innovation which is what will help our children excel in their lives. I was introduced to Ashfaq Ishaq, who is in Washington D.C. The International Child Art Foundation has served as the leading art and creativity organization for American children and their international counterparts since 1997. The organization enables children to address the ever more complex problems and international challenges they will face, we need to develop their creativity and empathy. We can employ the power of the arts to nurture a child’s innate creativity and foster the child’s intrinsic empathy – preconditions for prosperity, peace, and preservation. You can help prepare the next generation of creators and entrepreneurs, inventors and artists, peacemakers and innovators. They also produce a magazine, ChildArt which is a unique family magazine published quarterly since 1998 without a single commercial advertisement. Each quarter the magazine focuses on an important theme to nurture creativity and foster global understanding. ChildArt is an extraordinary channel for creative leaders to directly address the next generation and for children to learn from these leaders lifelong experiences and expertise. Written expressly for 10 to 12 year olds, ChildArthelps parents and teachers nurture creativity and empathy for a better world. The magazine’s powerful visuals and design makes it fun reading for creative people of all ages.

Please enjoy an example of one of their projects:

ICAF-Children, Resilience, and Natural Disasters